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2020 December Updates

Created: 2021-01-01
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  • Have improved the website generation code a lot, in ways probably not immediately evident. I've added publication dates to the metadata for all posts, which have been falsely set to 2020-12-08 for everything new, with some misc changes. I've switchd titles and subtitles to the metadata from the markdown. I've improved the general formatting of the website, making the website name vertical, making spacing more uniform, increasing line height, and changing the color of links.

  • Added book review for the Gideon / Harrow duology.

  • Added book review for Metaxas' Martin Luther.


  • "Burn After Reading" was the most delightful movie I've ever seen that consists almost entirely of pathetic and despicable characters.

  • "Memento" is very good; although I went in spoilered, the extra attention it takes to watch it was great.

  • "Soul" was excellent.

Mindkill & Politics

  • Moldbug continues to return, summarizing the causes behind our failures in Covid-19, of course skewering the entire Western world while at it.

  • Another substack nicely describes the elites in SF, and how -- although the author doesn't say this -- Atlas Shrugged is basically 100% correct in its pictures of villains.

  • Good Twitter thread on "humane economics" from @VGR.