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2020 November Updates

Created: 2020-10-01
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  • Nothing


  • Read Stormlight Archive 4, "Rythm of War" and plan to review.

  • "Gideon the Ninth" and "Harrow the Ninths" by Tamsyn Muir, which were both quite fun.

  • Reread "Fine Structure" and "There is No Antimemetics Division" by QNTM.

  • I read some books and short stories by an author who I later discovered to have been reasonably credibly accused of rape. I'm not linking them here, but I worry that I'm making the ethically wrong choice by not linking them. Because I enjoyed them, and the accusations may be false, and even rapists should be able to earn a living, no? It's a complex ethical situation.

  • "Steelheart", "Skyward" and "Starsight" by Brandon Sanderson, all of which were meh.

  • "Wolf Hall" was very good.

  • "The Calculating Stars" was not.