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2021 January Updates

Created: 2021-02-01
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  • Better CSS display on a phone / with crushed screens.

  • Added book review for Eire's Teresa of Avila, Jade City, The Sacred Throne.


  • Ilya Sutskever teases new vision and language models.

  • A few days after he teases it, we have OpenAI release a few new models. DALL-E creates shockingly good images from text descriptions. CLIP is a classifier that can work to classify almost anything through cross-modal Siamese-net-like training. I'd class this as further surprising increases in generality.

Movies & TV

  • "Memento"

  • Some episodes of "Blue Planet". The quality of video in nature documentaries has increased remarkably since when I was a child.

  • "Community", Season 1.