1 A 3 O R N

The Bridge to Lucy Dunne

by Exurb1a

Created: 2021-07-19
Wordcount: 0.1k

The Bridge to Lucy Dunne is a colleciton of delightful short stories.

It's the first collection of Exurb1a's, and I think it benefits for it. While in later works he focuses on "bigger" feeling things, and more science-and-philosophy flavored things, this collection has a more random flavor. Which, to me, comes across as more creative. It feels like he's just working on his writing rather than his themes, which makes everything better.

I liked the Icelandic zombie story, the dude with the dog with the bloody mouth story, and, well, many of the stories. They were all quite fun, and those that didn't seem great were at least very short. Some of them are probably of Borges length, which might be tiresome in theory but in this work is at least fun.