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Children of Time

by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Created: 2021-07-10
Wordcount: 0.1k

Children of Time is a deep time, science fiction, focusing on evolutionary world-building. It has two main threads. First, the life of a "classicist," an expert in the language used by the (technologically superior) ancients, in a sleeper ship, who is woken at intervals of millenia and centuries as life shifts dramatically in the cryonic vessel. And second, the cultural evolution of a spider-society, uplifted through a nanovirus created by the same (technologically superior) ancients, as they try to understand the world and overcome their hereditary limitations.

I found myself almost entirely engaged in the second plot line. I'm not sure that was intentional. But seeing spiders try to overcome their evolutionary problems -- killing males after sex, for instance -- was fascinating, as this spun out over time.

Overall, I recommend it, although it is a basically soft science-fiction story.