1 A 3 O R N


Subject Manner & FAQ

Created: 2020-09-04
Wordcount: 0.2k

This website is an attempt at producing long-lasting content.

I will generally fill it with content related to fiction, immortality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, randomness and generative design, miscellaneous topics centered around rationality, science and the philosophy of science, philosophy generally, cultural artifacts at the corners of general awareness, political culture wars brainkilling topics, and so on and so forth. Center it somewhere in a space whose principal axes include fiction and fantasy, programming, Yudkowsky-style rationalism, ex-fundamentalism, academic philosophy of science, and so on.

Q: Who are you?
A: I am a human male who lives in the Northern Hemisphere.

Q: What does "1a3orn" mean?
A: The name was randomly chosen. Specifically, I randomly generated ten 5-character alphanumeric strings and chose the one I liked the most.

Q: How "1a3orn" pronounced?
A: I say "acorn" or "yathorn" in my head, but I support phonetic anarchy here.

Q: What do the colors to the side mean?
A: The colors to the side are also all randomly chosen.