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Other People's Fiction

That Is Available Free Online

Created: 2021-06-06
Wordcount: 0.2k

There are numerous freely-available online stories which I have very much enjoyed. Here is a partial list, updated at random intervals.

  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.

  • Alicorn's stories.

  • Nostalgebrist's story The Northern Caves captures online culture pre-social-media delightfully, and is also a great picture of obsession. His story Floornight is also fun, although less so.

  • QNTM's stories, both short fiction and longer, are great. The SCP set of stories is the best, in my opinion, followed by Ra and then Fine Structure last.

  • Greg Egan has many of his short stories free online.

  • Peter Watts Blindsight is also free online.

  • Alexander Wales wrote The Metropolitan Man, a retelling of Lex Luthor's conflict with Superman, as well as a delightful story of project management in the Star Wars universe.

  • Scott Alexander's Unsong is good, although I haven't re-read it as much as I would have predicted. Beautiful language and sentiments, in some parts, but in other parts a single conceit stretched out too far. I like some of his other stories more; How Deep the Rabit Hole Goes, Universal Love, and so on.

  • Friendship is Optimal is of course the greatest collection of stories of all time, to which I contributed at least one story. (Vertas Vos etc.)