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Midnight Gospel

Created: 2021-05-02
Wordcount: 0.1k

The Midnight Gospel is -- well, I was going to say hard to describe, but it's easy to describe. It's hard to communicate.

It's excerpts from Duncan Trussel's The Family Hour podcast, put to surreal and fantastical animation, so that characters discuss meditation, death, drugs, reincarnation, and Buddhism, while they do fantastical and surreal things.

So, it's easy to describe. But the experience is weird.

Honestly, I'm not sure, still, whether the discussion gains or loses from the background animation. It adds to the kind of open-mindedness you feel, during it, I guess? But sometimes you want to close your eyes, so you can focus on what is being said.

Overall, if you're into that kind of thing, very fun. I'm a little more tightly rationalistic about the positions I endorse. But I enjoyed this a great deal.